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1. Guarantee and Warranty? 

Due to the eco-friendly and natural material of our products, you may experience a little wear and tear after a long period of use. For example:

We use natural rubber (biodegradable) which is better for the environment. In exposure to sun and water, the process of hardening can speed up. After hardening, the fabric may separate from the rubber.

The rubber is covered with microfibre and fastened using heat and pressure. So no toxic glue which harms the environment. However, the prize for a more environmentally friendly process is the strength of the fastening may not be as tight as glue.

If you follow our care instructions your mat will last longer. 

WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCTS!  So when you experiencing any problems within the first year, feel free to contact us and we find a solution.


2.Why are Onnes Products awesome?

Our goal with every product is the improvement of the user experience. For example our super sexy Yoga mats. They have a minimalistic design (less is more) + sustainable tree rubber with soft microfibre. Perfect for hot-yoga, the more you sweat the better the grip.




The Base of our Yoga Mat is made of a biodegradable 100% natural tree rubber.

The Microfibretop is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The color is based on Water-based Ink.



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